A Brief Reintroduction

It’s official. I am coming out as transgender.

Hi! I’m Erica Lois Mays. I openly came out to my friends and classmates in June of 2020, and have been living as a woman in my personal life more-or-less openly since then. I am now in the process of changing my professional name; if you have my old email address, please update it to erica@emays.dev. I am intending to change my legal name and gender in the near future, although not for the next several months.

As far as other life updates go, I have accepted a position as a site reliability engineer at Hudson River Trading, and will be moving out to New York City in May (fingers crossed)!

I don’t intend to publicly go into detail about my transition; it’s a very personal matter, and many transgender people have talked about it before, so I don’t have much to contribute to discussion about it. But if anyone wants to talk about it in person, or just keep in touch, my inbox is open.

My new professional headshot.