Finally (heh) Over

I’m done. I’m finally done with finals. It’s been a heck of a semester.

My classes were… well, meh, for the most part. Computer Engineering was a challenge, as was Computer Science. I didn’t do as well as I would like in Linear Algebra (retrospectively, I could have, but I slacked off a little too much at the beginning of the semester). UNIX was a joke, as everyone told me.

Finance and Statistics. Those are finally over.

I suppose that I can’t blame my professor for those problems. He was doing the best that he could, since he had to throw together some lesson plans quickly. But I still think that an introductory statistics class should not be taught in R. I don’t think it’s a bad language, but relying on a computer that much for every step of the process makes it difficult for people to learn the underlying material. There’s a reason that so much of most mathematical topics (heck, even computer science!) is taught on paper with language-agnostic rules: you don’t become so reliant on those languages when they’re not there for you.

Also yeah, Finance (pronounced Fin-ants) was taught largely in R as well. I understand why, but well… I’m still not a huge fan.

But it’s over! It’s finally over. Well, at least until next semester.