I Distrohopped Again

If you know any Linux people, you’ll know that many of them seem to have this obsession with changing the distribution of their operating system every few months. I am one of these people. I guess that after so many months of use, Ubuntu just grew too ancient for me. Or something. So now I’m running Fedora 28. I have all kinds of rationalizations for choosing it: it has a better release cycle that lets me use new software sooner, it’s more FOSS than Ubuntu, yadda yadda yadda. Who knows! Maybe I’ll be happier with it.

I actually distrohopped a week ago, but I only just now got RubyGems working again, which means I can finally run Jekyll. For the first day or so, I wasn’t able to log into my computer as myself since I had some leftover configuration files that were mucking everything up. That’s the peril of wanting your computer to work just so: you need to be willing to put up with a lot of things breaking whenever anything changes. For some reason I keep doing it.

Another motivation to distrohop is that the transition requires me to clean out a lot of the cruft that builds up on my computer. Usually I end up completely recustomizing my setup, and this time is no exception: I’ve tried to put a little more emphasis on a cohesive theme that affects my window manager, info bar, terminals, etc. So far I’m enjoying the color schemes that I can get out of pywal, which automatically sets my wallpaper and generates a color scheme to go with it. I’m sure I can dredge up some screenshots if people care enough to see.

Hopefully this one will hold me for a few months this time.