My First 'Real' Programming Job

Last week, I started my first internship at Cboe Global Markets. Hooray! I’m getting paid to do what I do for fun anyway!

I was expecting it to be difficult, and it is, but it’s certainly not as difficult as I was led to believe. Obviously I can’t talk about anything that I’m working on in detail (NDAs and all that), but I can say that I’m being much more productive than I expected. Whether that’s because I underestimated my own programming skill, because the codebase is particularly clean, or because Python is so easy to read and write (worth the slow performance IMO), I’ve already been making some nontrivial changes to code that will go into production in a few weeks. I’m not sure whether to be excited or terrified.

I’m enjoying the people that I work with as well. The lights are turned off most of the time, and they cater in lunch, so all of us can “stay in our little cave” without having to venture out into the big, scary world.

I think I’m already liking it here.