Handball in Deutschland

Was ist Handball?

    • You throw a ball with your hands
    • Team sport
      • 7 players on a team
      • Includes a goalie
    • Frontal contact sport


  • Similar to basketball and soccer
  • Attempt to get the ball in the net
    • Separate goalie area around net
  • Players can pass, dribble, shoot
    • Can use body above the knee
    • Must keep passing the ball
  • Penalties give the other team a freethrow

The Court


  • First played on October 29, 1917
  • Created as a "harmless" soccer alternative for women
  • First matches were played on outdoor fields
  • Continues to evolve as people get better
    • "If you took a 10-year-old handball video and watch the game, it looks like a bunch of old men"

Cultural Impact

  • Played yearly in the Olympic Games
  • Deutscher Handballbund organizes men's and women's handball teams in Germany
  • "The second-most popular ball-oriented sport in Germany"
    • Current attendance record: 44,189
Denmark v. France Clip


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